PROJECTS : Jamaica

Jamaica Development Infrastructure Program (JDIP)

Duration: 5 years
Cost: US$400 million
Start : October 2010

This JDIP will entail the construction and rehabilitation of bridges and the island's road network . This is the largest roadworks programme in the history of Jamaica and it will provide approximately six thousand seven hundred (6700) jobs as it will ensure the use of local subcontractors and local material.The project will also consist of these major projects, The Westmoreland Bridge Project, The Rio Grande Bridge Project and the Christiana Development Road Project.


Rio Grande Bridge Project

Rio Grande Bridge is a newly-built project consisting of a bridge is 210m long. And a recreated road 570m long.The Rio Bridge will be one of the longest in Jamaica after completion and will link East Portland to West Portland enabling persons to do business, get to their jobs and access important services.

Duration:This project officially commences from October 2010 with a duration of 21 months.
Start Date: October 2010
Location: This Project is on the northern sea line H2K, crossing Rio Grande River, located in St. Margaret’s Bay, Portland Parish, Jamaica.
Client:National Works Agency
Contract Amount:The contract sum is approximately 21,000,000 USD.
Contractor:China Harbour Engineering Company Ltd.


The Christiana Development Road Project

The project involved the construction of a one-kilometer road on the outskirts of Christiana. This expected to ease traffic in the town centre, and open up opportunities for business and housing developments.

Duration: 18 months
Start Date: January 2011
Location: Christiana, Manchester
Contract Amount: The contract sum is approximately 8.5 million USD.
Contractor: China Harbour Engineering Company Ltd.

Westmoreland Bridge Project

The Westmoreland Bridge Project is a major component of the Jamaica Development Infrastructure Programme (JDIP).The bridge is designed to be 187.6 meters long and will be the longest one in Jamaica after completion. It will be the major link between the community of Georgia and other areas of St. Mary such as Richmond and Highgate.

Duration: 18 months
Start Date: February 27th 2012
Location:This Project is on the Clement Main Road, crossing Wag water River, located in Georgia St Mary Jamaica
Client: National Works Agency
Contract Amount:The contract sum is approximately 15 million USD.
Contractor: China Harbour Engineering Company Ltd.